Libby Buchanan: Abuse Survivor, Child Welfare Advocate, Speaker, Educator

Specializing in children with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder



Libby grew up in Southern California and Texas. She learned to think critically when she earned a degree in history with a minor in philosophy from a Jesuit university in Tokyo, Japan. While in Japan, Libby became a popular radio and television personality at NHK, which remains one of the largest public broadcasters in the world. She returned to the United States and later professed her faith at the age of thirty-two. Libby promptly became a student and teacher of the Scriptures and has been teaching well-attended Bible studies for over twenty-five years. She prefers expository Old Testament and New Testament teaching and develops her own curriculum. She has spoken at women’s retreats and special-occasion events and is an effective speaker to large audiences.

As an Officer of the Court for Lake County, Illinois, Libby volunteers her time to the national organization CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). There, she helps future advocates understand a child’s emotional and psychological health in light of abuse and trauma. As such, Libby is regularly called upon to speak on many non-spiritual issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, high risk behaviors and re-victimization.

Because of her extensive travels Libby is comfortable around strangers and is able to make quick, lasting connections. She has a story that, unfortunately, millions can relate to, but has rarely been told.

Libby and her husband Bill have been married 42 years, have three amazing, adult children, and two energetic grandsons.

Here are some other things you might want to know:

Foremost, at the moment, is the fact that I'm a new grandmother! Wow! What a trip!

I have been consulting with CASA for 12 years. I give a class to trainees providing them insights into the inner workings of abused kids. The filters through which abused children view the world are often very different than the advocates'. This class has proven to be very beneficial for the volunteers and helps them to work more effectively with their appointed children . (More about CASA)

I enjoy scuba diving, skiing and hiking though I don’t get a chance to do them often. I’m an avid body surfer and my lovely husband has been known to drive me all over tropical islands looking for surf.

I love well crafted novels but will not finish one if I don’t care about the characters by page 50. There just isn't enough time to get to all the really good books.

Bill and I are big movie-goers. We have rigid criteria though. For it to be big screen, things need to blow up, have special effects or, preferably, have both. Disasters, end-of-the-world scenarios and superheroes are especially welcome.

I've lived in a lot of different places and have traveled internationally. I've seen many wondrous things but nothing beats the United States. We've got it really good here.

I enjoy cooking with husband Bill. We irritate each other only occasionally and limit our skirmishes to what condiments go with what foods. We usually settle by putting them all on the table and letting the mood dictate.

I have met incredibly courageous people, none more so than my husband and kids. I learned that supporters of people who have survived abuse are amazingly brave, patient and kind. They don’t even have to know and understand everything in order to hang in there. Go figure.

I hate to research anything. I show up at Carmax to see what they've got and usually drive away with a new car a couple of hours later. When it comes to the Bible, though … well I just can’t get enough. I have been teaching Bible studies ever since I became a follower of Jesus. I love and am passionate about the Scriptures. So, okay, now I love to research. But just the Bible.

That’s about it. Hopefully it’s enough to give you a sense of who I am. I appreciate your time and consideration.