Libby Buchanan: Abuse Survivor, Child Welfare Advocate, Speaker, Educator

Specializing in children with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Triumph Over Trauma, A Survivor's Insights

Libby Buchanan – CASA Speaker & Educator:

As a survivor herself, Libby is a stanch admirer of those who advocate for children. After many years of hard work redeeming her past, she is able to give voice to the fear, beliefs and thought processes of abused children - which they have neither the words nor the depth of self-awareness required to articulate for themselves. Libby provides a much-needed context for those who work with or are in relationship with abused children.

"57% [of trainees] picked your presentation in answer to the question 'A part of the training I would never want to see changed is…' You are such a wonderful resource to us. Thank you!" – Suzanne Cash, CASA Lake County Coordinator of Advocate Services