Libby Buchanan: Abuse Survivor, Child Welfare Advocate, Speaker, Educator

Specializing in children with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Libby Buchanan is a staunch admirer of those who champion for children. She herself is a survivor of severe childhood sexual abuse, parental mental illness and alcoholism, physical abuse and gross neglect. Because she has done the hard work of reconciling her past, Libby is now able to give voice to the fears, beliefs and perspectives of hurting children. Using stories and anecdotes from her own childhood to give advocates context, Libby is able to give some surprising, much needed insights into the world of abused and neglected children.  More about Libby Buchanan

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"Your presentation was superb in every way - the way you shared emotionally difficult material in a way that both challenged but also supported our advocates was truly remarkable. Many participants felt as I did that yours was one of the best presentations on PTSD, child development and building resilience that we have ever heard."

               Tracy Fauver, Executive Director, Yolo County CASA, CA