Libby Buchanan: Abuse Survivor, Child Welfare Advocate, Speaker, Educator

Specializing in children with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


"Your presentation was superb in every way - the way you shared emotionally difficult material in a way that both challenged but also supported our advocates was truly remarkable. Many participants felt as I did that your was one of the best presentations on PTSD, child development and building resilience that we have ever heard."
Tracy Fauver, Executive Director, YOLO County CASA, CA


Thank you for investing your time and heart into our program. We are so grateful for you!
Suzanne Cash, Manager of Advocate Education, CASA Lake County, IL


Libby was an amazing addition to our Leadership Summit. As Executive Director and Co-Founder of Teen Reach, I was impressed and appreciative of Libby's professionalism. Her deliverables (a 45min. keynote plus breakout) were powerful and on-point. Her story and the helpful Trauma Care information was eye-opening and very encouraging to our attendees. A few quotes from the Summit's surveys:

"Please invite Libby back to speak to us again; she was the best speaker yet! Funny, inspirational and informational... a perfect storm!"

"I've never heard a speaker go from talking about abuse to making us laugh all in the same breath. Libby is a talented speaker and shares from the heart. I want more."

"Libby packed so much information in such a short time, I found myself wanting to hear more. I could've listened to her for hours. WOW!"

Serena Howell, Executive Director, Co-Founder Teen Reach


Fantastic presentation!
Thanks so much for offering a part of yourself. It was invaluable for giving me a whole new understanding.
Gail G. 

Thank you so much for sharing your story. Your encouragement has motivated all of us to be the best advocates we possible can.
We were lucky to have you as our speaker.

Thank you so much for sharing your powerful story. You gave us amazing insight into the minds of our future kids and helpful tools for helping them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
On a personal note... resonated with me. I do that to this day and never made the connection. Thank you so much for that!

Thank you for sharing your story that we might better understand and empathize with those children we attempt to accompany and advocate for. 
Dennis M.

You are easy to connect with. It made it very easy to broaden our knowledge.
Zaer P.

The grace of your beautiful spirit of willingness to share with us & CASA to further heal people is such a gift.
I am grateful to have received the gift! You also share the joy - loved that!
Thanks & Bless you,
Rosemary R.

You are just one amazing woman! Keep it going!